Discovered by Phil Sander and Al Krampert along the lakeshore ca. hundred meters south of Tobin Road (116th St in Kenosha, WI) in Fall 1968.  Storms in 1969 further exposed the 3"-thick layer of peat that contained some roots and wood.  They sampled one piece and submitted a subsample to R. C. Koeppen of the USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, who identified it as Pinus strobus (eastern white pine).  Photos of the site suggest it is similar to, if not an extension of, the Southport site forest bed deposit.


• Original location of Two Creekan Forest bed

• Spruce mortality across the Older Dryas woodlands resulted from the Green Bay Lobe re-advance


• Mid Holocene lowland forest

• Nipissing transgression in the southeastern Lake Michigan Basin


• Younger Dryas wetlands from Calumet County, WI • Late Holocene charcoal record of amplified aridity ca. AD 1290 Abundant deposition of plant macrofossils was found in pond sediment and peat exposed at a farm-pond on the Schneider Farm, Calumet Co., east-central Wisconsin (Photo). Stratigraphy of a 15-m section yields the Holocene history of this area starting from a basal till unit dated ca. 14,000 years ago (Chilton Member till). Over 180 specimens of wood were collected in 2005 along with charcoal from the 2 m topsoil gyttja underlying brown clay.


• Mid Holocene lowland forest

• Nipissing transgression in the northern Lake Michigan Basin

This site is offshore in Lake Michigan near the city of Sturgeon Bay in Door County. Frank Pranschke located and collected over 15 specimens in July 1992 with a diving crew, and samples were identified as white-cedar and spruce. Radiocarbon dates this lowland coniferous stand to ca. 7330-7500 Cal Yrs BP.


• Two Creekan-age wood in the southern Wisconsin

• Within ca. 1 km of the Schaefer Mastodon site


  • Older Dryas spruce forest

A couple of samples of spruce from Neenah Quarry  in Winnerbago Co., WI were provided by Dr. William Mode of UW-Oshkosh. Crossdated tree-ring series of this site contributed to a 510-year composite tree-ring record of the Green Bay area overlapping tree rings from five locations dated to the Older Dryas (see plot below).


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