White Cedar


• Early Holocene drown forest in Lake Huron • Nipissing transgression in the northern Lake Huron Basin This is one of the Early Holocene drowned forest locations clustering on the eastern edge of the Straights of Mackinac, a narrow waterway connecting Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The site was located and sampled with help of deep-water divers led by Captain Luke Clyburn. White-cedar fast growing and young trees are dated to 8360-9765 Cal Yrs BP.


• Mid Holocene lowland forest

• Nipissing transgression in the northern Lake Michigan Basin

This site is offshore in Lake Michigan near the city of Sturgeon Bay in Door County. Frank Pranschke located and collected over 15 specimens in July 1992 with a diving crew, and samples were identified as white-cedar and spruce. Radiocarbon dates this lowland coniferous stand to ca. 7330-7500 Cal Yrs BP.


• Post-glacial wetlands of southern Lake Superior from 8200 to 6250 cal Yrs BP

• The Houghton Low Stage of the Lake Superior

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