Younger Dryas


• Younger Dryas / Pre-Boreal submerged forest in Lake Huron

This is one of the oldest submerged forest beds reported in the Great Lakes region. The site is located in the eastern part of Straights of Mackinac, a narrow waterway connecting Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The site was located and sampled with help of deep-water divers led by Captain Luke Clyburn. Spruce wood is dated to 10,700-11,750 Cal Yrs BP with one radiocarbon date in 1996. Possibly this site is younger and may associated with the Pre-Boreal shoreline transition.


• Younger Dryas wetlands from Calumet County, WI • Late Holocene charcoal record of amplified aridity ca. AD 1290 Abundant deposition of plant macrofossils was found in pond sediment and peat exposed at a farm-pond on the Schneider Farm, Calumet Co., east-central Wisconsin (Photo). Stratigraphy of a 15-m section yields the Holocene history of this area starting from a basal till unit dated ca. 14,000 years ago (Chilton Member till). Over 180 specimens of wood were collected in 2005 along with charcoal from the 2 m topsoil gyttja underlying brown clay.


• Younger Dryas wetland stand between the Calumet Beach and Glenwood Beach (the Lake Chicago shorelines)

• Climate tree-ring proxies of Younger Dryas from Indiana


• Mid Holocene riparian forest

• Younger Dryas riparian forest

• No-analog vegetation from central Illinois


• Climate tree-ring proxies near Preboreal/Late Younger Dryas transition, from Upper Peninsula, Michigan


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