The site is located on the banks of Salt River in Logan Co., IL. Two pieces of wood were collected by D. Campbell and C. Widga at the exposure of a peat layer associated with the finding of mastodon bones a few year earlier. The speciemns had very few rings to be crossdated. However, potentially this location holds more wood finds.  


  • Preboreal forest bed 
  • Early Holocene wetlands in west-central IL

Samples from the Markman peat mine in Whiteside Co., IL, were collected for us by Prof. A.E. Bettis of the University of Iowa in 2004 (his original field designation was "IL-MP"). Collected specimens had less than 50 rings and were so badly decayed that they could not be crossdated. However, there could be more and better-preserved wood at that location. 


• Mid Holocene riparian forest

• Younger Dryas riparian forest

• No-analog vegetation from central Illinois


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