• Original location of Two Creekan Forest bed

• Spruce mortality across the Older Dryas woodlands resulted from the Green Bay Lobe re-advance


  • Two Creekan-age forest 

The site collection includes buried wood from New Denmark, WI, which were provided to us from the UW-Green Bay Geosciences collection in May 2004. Crossdated tree-ring series of this site contributed to a 683-year composite record of spruce in NE Wisconsin associated with Two Creekan ice sheet re-advance dated between 14,000 and 13,300 cal y BP. 


• Younger Dryas wetland stand between the Calumet Beach and Glenwood Beach (the Lake Chicago shorelines)

• Climate tree-ring proxies of Younger Dryas from Indiana


• Post Two Creekan lowland forest in the Green Bay area

• Lake Oshkosh shoreline transition


  • Older Dryas spruce forest 

A good size collecction of samples was obtained from the UW-Green Bay Geoscience Dept. collection in May 2004. They had been discovered during the excavation for the heating tunnel on the campus.Tree-ring analysis reveals that there were spruce logs deposited in lacustrine sediments ca. 13,100 yrs cal BP. 


Pond excavation at the town of Brussels in Door Co., WI. Subsamples were provided to us from the UW-Green Bay Dept. of Geosciences collection.


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