Site Name: 
Lake Butte des Morts
Lake Butte des Morts, near Oshkosh
Date Ranges (Cal yr 2σ): 
13 100 BP
13 300 BP
Site Notes: 

• Post Two Creekan lowland forest in the Green Bay area

• Lake Oshkosh shoreline transition

James Clark collected and documented this site in summer 2011. The wood was discovered during a Highway 41 construction project near Lake Butte Des Morts and a county archaeologist called for assessment of the origin of wood. A 167-year tree-ring chronology of larch from the best 9 specimens was dated with radiocarbon at ca. 13,290 and 13,080 Cal Yrs BP. The dating indicates post-Two Creekan age of the wood. This site is probably a larch-dominant stand re-colonizing the shorelines of proglacial Lake Oshkosh that existed in this part of Wisconsin until 12,800 BP. The site tree-ring chronology has been overlaped with another larch tree-ring record nearby (see plot below). 

Overlap of two site tree-ring larch records from the Green Bay area dated ca. 13,100 cal yrs BP. The Lake Butte Des Morts site chronology and its sample size are shown in blue.